.buy one free one.

that's what i got at MPH today. I was contemplating Tony Parson's Stories we could tell or Ha Jin's War Trash. However, since Tony's was damn expensive, somewhere around 60 bucks i think, i decided on War Trash. Then on my way out, I saw Staying Alive by Matt Beaumont. Before i go ranting about all these three, let's take a rough look at what these three books are about.

Murray's living life to the full -- and it might just kill him. He's started telling the truth at work. He's borrowed a stack of cash from a man with a gun, a speech impediment and no grasp whatsoever of APR. He's also taking drugs and -- God help him -- he's started dancing. Badly. To trance. And now he's on the run with a human version of Muttley and a teenage girl called Fish. Which is strange, because a few weeks ago Murray didn't even burn the candle at one end. But when his doctors tell him he has only months to live, he gives his boring old self the boot, relaunches a new, improved Murray and falls in love with a passion he didn't know was in him. His old self, of course, would tell him he's digging his own grave. But he'll be needing one of those soon enough anyway, won't he? - play.com

Parsons' latest novel tells the story of three young rock journalists, beginning on the day of Elvis' death, in August 1977. It follows their lives - and their loves. - BBC news

Set between 1951 and 1953 in an American-run POW camp off the coast of South Korea, War Trash brings us a part of Chinese history that has chilling present-day resonances. The characters are all Chinese "volunteers" forced into battle against American and South Korean forces. Communist leaders had stoked their patriotism with tales about MacArthur marching all the way into China. These young men aren't defending communism; they're defending their country, or so they think. And they're grossly overmatched. - Houston Chronicle

Anyway, I was confused between Ha Jin's War Trash and Matt's Staying Alive. However, at last I decided on War Trash. I would get Staying Alive maybe sometime later.

So, I was there, prepared to pay when this book suddenly flashed upon my eyes. It was red and fiery. It has a small sticker at the back with the word "Free". It was written by a f amiliar face but a good familiar face nonetheless.I quickly grabbed it, paid and left.

In the end, I think I might be getting bored of Tony Parson's style of writing. It's time to find a new book. But all the books are either Sophie Kinsella's or some stupid romance novel which I totally HATE!

Anyway, here's the book that I got for free.

And here's the book I paid RM36.90 for.

September 17, 2005


Jessie said…
HEY.. I AM A BIG FAN of Sidney Sheldon!!!


Hav been eyeing on tat book d
Jimmy Ang said…
when i see finish then i tell you good or not lar!

Anonymous said…
eh i dont get it.

u bought the family way and got the sidney's one for free?


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