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The Design Has Changed. Pls click this link. Sorry and Thank You.

before i move on to the product we will be looking at, let me just state briefly why am i doing this.

first of all, my mom is a government servant. she works and gets a meagre sum. although she is getting some side income, it has endured problems lately. my brother, he's just lazy. kidding. he works for mom so if my family business is in trouble. we're all in trouble. so i guess i'm pretty much in trouble now. :)

anyway, i study in utm and i supposedly live on a sponsorship (loan) from PTPTN. however, this meagre amount of money is not enough to cover my daily expenses thus i work in a tuition center. however, since i have my study commitments, i really don't have much time to teach long hours thus making my income less.

anyway, this semester, PTPTN has been really fucking up. my sponsorship has not yet arrived and it's the second half of the semester already. i heard this is because FP fucked me up. i don't want to ask money from mom or bro cause we have a tight situation now.

anyway, in order to earn some side income i want to make full use of my designing skills and hopefully sell this product here.

here's a brief summary of what we will be looking at :

  • a custom designed t-shirt that which is tailored for bloggers or blogders only.
  • estimated price : around RM20-30 (i will check with the factory soon). that's like a meal or two. (this depends on the amount of order)
  • payment method : bank in or cheque (further details through e-mail)
  • package delivery time : again this depends on the amount of order. but i expect if there is any possible absolute answer, it will be around somewhere next month.
  • design : click on the image to enlarge to the standard 640 x 480 size.

main design and the flow

front view

front and back

whoever that is interested, pls e-mail me your details and address.
also i need a couple of things like size and quantity.

i will get back to you and notify you before i make the purchase and quote you a stock price. if i do not quote you a stock price and wait for your confirmation, i will have a strict money back guaranteed. if not, you can come and flame my site.

delivery will be made through registered package and will be included in your final price quotation. thus basically the final price is :

final price = "stock price
+ delivery price"

mail me : jimmyang[at]gmail[dot]com

again, this project might fail or succeed. if it does fail, i apologize first. maybe my design sucks, maybe i'm not getting enough exposure but i hope this project succeeds.

i need at least a couple of hundred purchases before i can make sure that this thing is worth printing. if there are around 50 to 100, the price might double. so the more people, the cheaper.

i'll just see how this goes and take the appropriate actions.

i need all of your bloggers help. i need you all to help me spread the news. i can't do this alone and if you like it, recommend it to your blog readers.

also you can put a sidebar link by using this image and linking it to this permalink.

if there is demand for it, i might design this in a different colour. however, let's just stick with this colour now.

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September 9, 2005


Anonymous said…
hmmm, i would like to help, if the design is a bit altered. i need another t-shirt, under rm30 is very reasonable...

on the back, you can put a list of bloggers who purchased the t-shirt?
Jimmy Ang said…
you mean, you want a list of bloggers who purchased it? that would be hard and would need extra printing but if a majority wants this feature then i'm all for it.
Anonymous said…
LOL! I think Din was just joking. Hey I'm plugging this in the PPS blog. It sounds like a great thing. Does it come in baby-T? I would love to be known as a sexy blogger. haha!
Jimmy Ang said…
baby-T = S?

anyway, thanks yvonne.

and i don't think din sounds like he was joking.maybe he was LOL in front of his pc when typing? i doubt it!
Jimmy Ang said…
newflash, i have my first order through mail by a person named chris.

thanks chris. :)
Anonymous said…
oi oi oi...gua talak joking lah...

it was a popular thing during my schooling times. a class makes t-shirts with the names of the class students on the back. interesting way of recognition i must say. the chicks at the school bus waiting area really digged us. heheh.
Jimmy Ang said…
lol, it will totally ruin the design as there will be about 50 - 100 names behind there!
Jimmy Ang said…
i will post the definite price by tomorrow but the color of the shirt depends. either this or black and white.

which one would you all prefer?
mob1900 said…
Yo Jimbo,
Im that 'Chris'.
The design's great plus i need a new cloth for washing my car. kd! Anyway, it would be grand wearing that to mamaking and the girls would be checking 'the sweet dude with that sexy blogger shirt' in petalingstreet.org. That's my grand plan. lolx
Jimmy Ang said…
yo, r u sure the girls would go gooogaaa over the shirt? lol.

but the word sexy does turn heads
weili said…
hi, i came across this link from somewhere, and i read abt ur situation with the ptptn thingy. i'm also under the ptptn loan sponsorship and the money for my 2nd sem also took a while to come in.. when i went to ask why it was taking so long they said that it was because my results from the 1st sem were not sent in. according to them, they needed to know whether or not i passed, if not they wouldn't send the money in. so i had to get my college to send in my results, and it was only then the money came in. the money came in towards the end of my 2nd sem, which was really late.. now im halfway into my 3rd sem and they haven't banked in the money for that yet... going to have to repeat the whole process of sending in results. anyway, maybe you should enquire? hope everything works out, and your t-shirt idea does sound very intriguing. good luck!


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