.blog in minor C.

no, this is not a music blog. just want to tell ya all that i've done some minor modifications to the blog. just aesthetic modifications. hopefully after this i can fix the ie problem and then i can sleep soundly. i won't have much time to blog these few days cause my hands are tied out with assignments.

regarding the new layout. ok..

the home button. is located on top. it will only be functioning when you are surfing the internal pages of this blog like the permanent links and so on. if you are on the front page, it will automatically not work. so, keep that in mind and don't confuse yourself ok?

about mee
about me will take you to a description of me and myself. it will be updated whenever i feel like updating it. if it's not updated, that means i have no life yet. or that means my life has not taken a drastic change.. yet.

see mee
just a picture of me. in case you want to recognise me on the road side and make me feel like an all star! feel free to print it out and paste it in your room too. when you see me, you can ask for my autograph! ain't that a good idea?

frenster mee
remember the large network link called friendster? well, i'm in it. if you feel like you've known me in and out from top to toe, then feel free to add me. usually i will only add the people who comment frequently and are of sensible taste. if you're a lurker, i don't even know you. so either drop by a comment or stop stalking me!

e-mail mee
my advice is to... NOT CLICK this f*cking link. just hover over it and get my e-mail address.
to make your life easier, i'll just spell it out for you. jimmyang [at] gmail [dot] com.
ain't that easy? once you click the e-mail mee button, your default e-mail client will pop-out. good luck handling that!

buy stuff for mee
this is my amazon wishlisht. if you feel that you have gained some intellectual advantage or some premonition or you win 4d by reading this blog, please buy me some things. i will be happy!

links from mee
links to my friends who blog and links to blogs that i read! really good people. must read! recommended links all.
if you feel that your blog is very very 'da' cun, then give me a shout out and tell me to add you into my link page.

my events
this is a periodically updated event sheet. you can check out previous events i have entered or future ones which i will be entering. you can also show your support for these events or participate to get good karma points. it's all about karma whoring.

other than that, just some minor changes :)

adios. bye bye baby!

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August 31, 2005


Wingz said…
eh j!mmy ... why when i click "see mee" hor sardenlee kluar pikchure of one guy eating hotdog one ar ? eating hotdog nvm la .. sommo both his hands are taking pikchures of somebadi else also ... knn terror ! multitasker sial!
Jimmy Ang said…
not eating hotdog wei mofo! i slipped my tongue out. like the xiaxue. i was thinking i can get a sponsorship from some stupid brand also! haha!

long time no see wei wingz. :)
Wingz said…
mahai i thot u eating/sucking hotdog tim! kakakaka!!! yalar now u femes edi dunno me lar ... dats why se me also like no see lidat ! no wonder la !!! kakakaka!!!

now u rich ledi ... blog pun baru renovation ... how much ar your renovation ? lol
Jimmy Ang said…
chee bye i go to your house but you always not in mar like no see you lor. everyday i got drop by wan lor! but sometime no letter for you, so i just drop by only....

my blog renovation costs 50 U$ only. if you want also can ask me to do. hehe!
Wingz said…
free one ka ? i also mau do reno lar .. still looking for free reno lol!
Wingz said…
mahai mentioned "free" ajer terus tak jawab ledi knn!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
free who wan to do! knnbccb. haha. besides i already say, 50 dollar, US.

now since u so kuai lan, i give you 100 us dollar! hahaha!

if you want free must wait until i also free lar.


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