.at last.

after long last, fixed the IE problem. small problem, but irks me off to no end! well, now i can gladly say that my blog is cross browser compatible. it was a simpe solution but it ook me so long to fix.

guess i'm not a pc whiz after all.

however, this site still looks better in FF. well normal posting will resume tomorrow!

thanks to my readers.

i'm so happy!
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September 1, 2005


akmj said…
happy for you!
(though i didn't really realise what the problem was) *smiles sheepishly and runs to hide face in the pillow* ;)
Anonymous said…
haha not bad but...why are there ads all over? :P
Jimmy Ang said…
angela : haha, nvm.

et : so that i can buy some stuffs like magazines if i'm really really lucky!


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