.anonymous and peace.

is anonimity such a big hoohaa? i mean, we go to the internet and we don't know who's who right? and i find that although many people are talking and expressing their heartfelt contents, they remain anonymous. some hide under this facade.

why hide who you are? why create a blank face when you can show the world yourself. i've read many bloggers who are hiding under their skin. posting good stuffs but yet, they dare not come out and show themself. i know we all have our privacy but you created a blog for god's sake! you put yourself on the line where billions of people from all around the world can have access to. you made yourself public. If you need privacy, write a diary.

we all have something to hide, that's true but revealing yourself makes reading more fun. at least we have a face to attach to the writing. i don't like talking to a stranger or listening to a presenter who has a paper bag over his head. no matter how good he is. at first it might be ok, but after a while, fuck your lan cheow face lar! take down the CCB paper bag or i go up there and wallop you!

i support people who modify their face to make themselves look like nincompoops but at least we have a picture. and to all those who comments under anonymous, fuck your mother CCB. you comment under anonymous for what? you're like spam lar! waste my comment space. want to comment at least put a fucking name lar! CCB. at least i know what to call you when i reply.

all my pikchure like this you all want to see ar?

another universal malaysian thing is the peace sign. wtf is with these people who always take picture with the peace sign? CCB, you think you're miss universe ar? i wish for world peace ar? Lan cheow i give you! cannot stand properly and take pikchure ar?! hah?! MCH!

peace! i wish for world peace!

Not that I hate the peace sign but after seeing it for like thousands of time, i get bored of tit, i mean it. every pikchure got your fucking face also got peace sign. you think you are the ambassador for world peace meh? ambassador also wouldn't put up his peace sign lar. they only take a famished skinny child and take picture with them. after that, they go back to their posh hotel while the kid go back to his blanket with the hundreds of kid squeezing in a room. CCB, talk about two face people.

and then hiar, i heard people say they like the previous design, CCB, i know lar the previous design better but then hor, the t-shirt color the factory dun have, they have shit color. no more beige color. you want to take shit color and then go out people say sexyblogger got shit all over their body meh? MCH, i also malu wei!

somemore look like they lick the shit. and then we all blogger come out newspaper as the shittyblogger not sexyblogger. MCH kena kau lat kau lat!

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September 14, 2005


Anonymous said…
if the jabatan pendaftaran negara were not strict with photo taking procedures, you would see the peace sign in almost all MyKads.
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, i need to photoshop my mykad now! muahahaha!
Kamigoroshi said…
Anonymous commenters are people who are too cowardly to face the responsibility of their comments...either that or they happen to be too dumb to remember their names. 6 billion people on the planet. It happens. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
kami : i think the possibility of the second one is higher. cause shit happens when there's more than 6 billion people.

how true is that!


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