.triple woot! beach party.

i received a letter two days ago. thinking that this was some bill, i didn't take much notice to it until yesterday. what is this letter about? definitely not bills, because if it was, would i be posting it up here? definitely not, i will be tearing the god damn bill now. fucking heow companies always asking for money.

ok, more info about the letter.

R3charge, ZOUK, JUICE. Ring any bell?

Well, don't worry, since you are all fucking nerds... let me give you all a hype of the coming attraction which will be held in admiral marina, port dickson.

Ladies and gentlemen, on the 20th of August 2005... 6 pm onwards lar. Recharge Revelation will be holding a beach party. It will be held by some renowned djs including johan gielen, dj scot project, markus schulz, mijk van dijk, vision impossible and bass agents. also paul harris of dirty vegas, the micronauts, goldfish, yansi, dekonstruckt and dj gabriel vs raysoo of zouk kl.

What do you need to bring to the party?
a ticket which can be purchased after 27th July in Tower Records or through zouk or there will also be a door sale, ic and raincoat.

the pamphlet looks yummy.

don't expect me, i've got class on that day but it certainly looks like an event worth skipping class for.

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August 2, 2005


Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : 20th is a saturday.. so i think sempat kuar.
KY said…
it comes with a free phone? :P
Jimmy Ang said…
ky : hp is for size reference only. haha.


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