.stewardess wannabe in dean's list.

today was the dean's list inauguration day. or a day for free food to reward the nerdys... not needies ok? nerdies!

anyway, as one of the great nerdy fucktard, i get to fucking go in. ok, a brief overview of the whole event might go something like this :

reach, sit, chat, wait, sit, chat, wait, wait, wait, dean arrives, wait, speech, wait, give cert one by one, wait, wait, wait, eat, talk, go back.

mahai, waste my precious time only.
some more need to wait for 1 hour i think before the dean came. i think this whole chee bye dean's list thing must be a ploy to show us how mighty the administration are and how we should be afraid of their superiority. chee bye lar. waste our precious time only. if you think we are clever, give some chau respect lar. come on time, be punctual not pangsai. always pang puai kee (aeroplane us).

sometimes, i think this ceremony was just made so that they can gather us fucktards and beg us not to revolt, cause if we did, they'd be left with shit.

ok, lar. as the party went on.. the nerds dare not party by dancing. we all just fucking look around and chit chat. eating more than talking. kiam siap lar we all malaysians. see free food sure cannot run wan. me too lar.

but, all of a sudden i saw something weird. a stewardess in the party! wahlau eh. chioh bu?

mana tau, wannabe only lar. not even finish the course here yet. must be like xiaxue want to be stewardess. acting cute here and here.

damn... the stewardess was spotted a few times....

i see you!

see you again!

now can go away or not? everytime also see you. sien man...

haha. see the stewardess? wonder the uniform is for MAS or SIA?

after we all eat, the whole place was like damn ants crawling all over. people taking pictures like this is the first and last time only. of course i also control macho but take also
lar. what to do...

there is this plates of
chow tau hu. damn chow man. no wonder nobody wan to eat. after almost everything is gobbled up also the thing is left untouched. who cook this one har? damn good lar. so kiam siap people also dun wan to touch. damn keat man!

i think this one the hungry people in cambodia/africa (insert famine country here)
also will find it hard to swallow...

also hor, TESL has the most percentage of student : dean's list ratio. more than 30% i think. damn keat. bangga pulak me.

ok lar, i want to go to city square shopping ady. got anything interesting i might post again. adios!

damn a lot of food on the chairs. no tables leh.
so kiam siap also the faculty. mak hai, table also cannot provide.

like ants scourging for food?

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August 3, 2005


Wingz said…
sape is Ang Chiew Chuan ???? WHO??!!! WHO??!!!
Anonymous said…
congratsss for getting into the deans list :P what did u wore btw? i saw everyone in the pic wear some baju kebangsaan wan.
akmj said…
Jimmy i SO SO SO agree with you on some things. Yup, i think the whole majlis was a waste of time too... To me,just ask us to self-collect our certs at the office can already.. No need all these splendour and grandeur...
I was so so tempted to take sth out of my file and do other things.. Not sitting there staring into space, waiting for goodness knows what.. Or run to the hep office to settle some things i needed to settle..
anyway, congrats to you.. Of course,it's not the biggest thing in life,still things like these make parents proud, and can be one of the many nice memories of our achievements..
ciao first, happy recovery (ur eyes esp)!
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz : ang chiew chuan .. urm , jimmy ang.. ring any bell?

vynn : chee bye. my course easy? cheebye lar. come and study lar. sure your lan cheow will fall off.

really bites : i wore some formal black and white shirt. MIB beats the crap out of any batik anytime of the day.

angela : when you have nothing to do.. then enjoy it while you can.

james : again, chee bye. come and studay lar. sure your lancheow will fall off. mahai.

lol. my course is definitely not the hardest but it is not easy ok! it takes time and hard work just like every fucking class.

ok, adios! off to write about stealth.


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