.photos galore.

these are some of my photos that i decided to take while on my way back from class.

well, my photos are available for download in 800x600 sizes (click them). they are free for personal use but do not claim them as your own image. remember, i am protected under cc copyright laws.

all images are taken using a sony cybershot DSC P8 3.2 mpx camera.

please be patient as the images may take some time to load. sorry.

happy national day!

my first attempt in nature

the window to my soul is currently... closed.

one way up only....

are we really doing our part to save the world?

anyone there? hello?

a roof over our head

the road in life is not always up.
sometimes we have to go down before we move back up.

butterfly shaped dirt! cool!

locked and loaded. are we always locking our doors?
even the ones into our heart?

is this door rusty because no one opens it or...
is it because it is constantly abused?

what happens when emergency is no longer an option?

abandoned energy

is god controlling us by just two buttons?

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August 19, 2005


Jervin said…
cool photos of utm...

wish i had a camera myself...
RaY7 said…
Great meaningful n insightful photos dude..amazingly unbelievable...bravo la vista!!
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : got it (camera) from my friend also.

ray7 : *blushes* aww, shucks... thanks. *shies away*

Wingz said…
wah mcb !!! erlee erlee moaning u kasi me see pikchures with deep deep meaning ... make my brain works !!!! diuuu
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz : good lar. no ggod meh? you want ur brain to always die meh? mahai!
akmj said…
like your comments - very deep... (tak sangka) *wink*
Jimmy Ang said…
biasalah. it's all about playing with words.


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