.not your average car ok?

i just came back from the sri putri bus stop. i went there to get my 55 dollar ticket back to penang tonight at 10. it's gonna be a rush getting to the concert at 7.30 and coming back again at 10. i very well think i'm gonna faint not cause of emil chow but cause of the packed time schedule.

anyway, while i was cruising down the place. i noticed this small car. from the back it looks like a normal mini fiat cooper. but once i took a peep inside the interior.. wah lau, cun man! definitely not your normal shit!

looks plain? far from it...

wah, cun eh? internal design ada oomph!

take a look at some of the photos from the website Mini Malaysia!

kancil can fight ar?

this is what i call good interior design. not those myvi silver shit!

top speed : 200km/h

85 kw (115hp) at 6000rpm
0-100 km/h in 9.1 seconds
Max torque : 150Nm at 4500rpm
average consumption : 6.9l / 100km
co2 emission : 166g/km
surely one of these babies will get your saliva dripping!

savvy? proton?


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August 5, 2005


JFE 8555 said…
i'm so confident i can beat that mini....
bUttsH4k3r said…
except of course, this one costs almost RM200k with the alloy rims. without the 'S' version too. and in any case, it's a german car lor...
Wingz said…
jimmy you mind emailing me your msn ? email to rojaks.wingz@gmail.com
Jervin said…
kancil, dui chu kun la!
Jimmy Ang said…
JFE : haha. in terms of speed? in terms of size confident or not?

butt : yeah. exactly.

wingz : yeah. will mail you. check your mail.

vynn : haha! at first i thought u wrote some kind of dukun. mana tau it's hokkien! :)


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