.the journey to being a witch.

oh, before i start ranting about the show. let me just give a brief... but long recap about what happened when i was coming back from utm.

ok, basically, we were all hungry. me and a bunch of my friends. we decided to go 113 (previously known as golden light) to grab a bite before heading home.

i went in front of this place to park and i saw a weird shit. i was like WTF? cheebye? neber kno this kind of thin eksis also? (pardon the bad english! haha)

see the joss on top of the kuih in front of the longkang? why?

argh.. confused? so weird.

anyway, i ignored it and went to order food. i pass by the popiah stall who happened to be managed by my students. so, i ordered one lar. just for fun. and my favourite food there which i think i ordered at least 85% of my visit there is either the black yam rice or this fish soup which is just... urm.. for lack of a better word. AWESOME!

i love the hint of wine in this soup. smells divine!

i would rate it a 6/10. which is good since i don't usually rate any food on the roadside more than 3-4. i have given better places like those delicacies in big restaurants 8-9 only.
anyway, after a while, the popiah came. it was 1.30 cents. i paid and tested it. tastes a bit... urm... watery, with too much seng kuang slices and also not much sauce. damn lar. want to tell them but dun want to hurt their feelings. i mean, they've been working here for soo many years. maybe johor people has different taste. penang pulak different!

popiah: oh no, you cut me up. now, you're abusing my internal organs.

anyway, another food that irks me off in johor is their carrot cake. MCH, don't get me started on this. it tastes SWEET wan hor! where got carrot cake sweet wan? usually salty better! MAHAI, sweet carrot cake, somemore so many damn goddamn chee bye lan cheow johor people buy wan wor. mak cau hai... i cannot eat my favourite carrot cake. all because the johor people prefer weird carrot cake. come to penang lar, i show you how carrot cake is supposed to be!

no offence har johor people but i just cannot tahan the carrot cake. mahai!

fishing bear!

ok lor, after that i decided to take a picture of this doodoll i got from ROOM in midvalley i think. cute ler? hahaha! see the ku ku cheow? has been censored ady!

i also saw this cute lamp in ROOM. the KKC is an on/off switch for the lamp. cool leh!

anyway, after that, i came back and prepared to go.

bewitched is basically an old time movie. what i mean old time is the plot, storyline, the ... everything.. if you really want to enjoy this show.. don't expect much clever plots, mind boggling facts or suspense. just put your brain outside the cinema and leave it there. take a number and claim it back after the show.

basically the show is about this witch, isabel(nicole kidman) who wants to be normal.

wtf? something wrong there? hello?

who in their fucking right mind would want to be normal when you can be a witch. snap your fingers or wiggle your ears and you can get every shit in this world. damn idiot also lar this show. no make sense. anyway, according to her, she wants to find someone who would love her for who she is and not someone who loves her because he is charmed.

simple solution. don't fucking hex/charm him, you stupid evil bitch! i mean, witch!

nvm... anyway, the story was quite funny...surprisingly. and i just love nicole kidman in this show. she's so cute... but so blur. and although she was trying to kick the spells habit and make her life spell free, there are the occasional naughty times.. there are a lot of the occasional naughty times.

oh, and thanks to jolene.
why? cause i found a nice song. jesse mccartney-take your sweet time.
since i can't link her personal site. get it here.

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August 20, 2005


akmj said…
trust me, ppl, the soup is really really DELLLIIIIIIIICIOUSSSSSSS!!!

yum yum, can imagine the taste of it in my mouth


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