.incorporating video - a step forward in blogging.

by posting this post, i hope to achieve two things. one, i hope that i can now use youtube. two, i hope to be able to use more videos in my future posts.

this is a very good video by nokia.

will you marry me?
best viewed after it fully loads. pause first.

this is another video that i made. it was intended to be a ghost video but after editing it, i decided to make it into an AIDs message video. it's a bit short but it still works for me. i will be posting more videos i have taken next time. the uploading time takes eons!

aids campaign
best viewed after it fully loads. pause first.

August 18, 2005


Anonymous said…
wah thank god u din put the video in ur blog.or it will take fcking long for ur blog to load man...like rojaks blog ldiat..ishhh

Anonymous said…
liddat i clever or not? hahahaha!
Reta said…
the AIDS video was blur, visual went on a bit too long at certain intervals, nonetheless a good effort =)
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, it was my first try though. my first video editing. the blur is used to accentuate the feeling of loneliness and blind. if it was viewed in the original avi and 640x320 size, it would be better.



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