.how minds work.

as I'm sitting here thinking about what to blog about, i have decided to be freestyle. (cheewah! sound like an artist?)

what i mean by freestyle is writing as my mind works, as i let my puny little brain move and my hand correspond to the brain activities. i don't know wheher i would be adding vulgarity but i'll try to minimize. but if it freaks you out... read my disclaimer and indemnify me from all liable lawsuits.

ok, there are many things in life worth talking about. and there are many things not worth talking about but people still talk about it anyway. i mean, who gives a fuck right? (oops... vulgar...) we talk about what we want all the time, from that chee bye friend who always backstab us to the lan cheow gabermen. sometimes, i think that the purpose of talking has been too generalized. it used to be that we talk to deliver information from one person to another. now, it's abused to maintain relationships and also to frame, abuse, deliver malicious comment and so on so forth. all this at the expense of the victim.

so, next time, if you want to talk cock also think ten times ok? mahai, suddenly your friend kena tiu for no reason. i never thought about consequences when i talk, which sometimes explain why i seldom talk nowadays. people just can't differentiate a joke and a serious comment. chee bye lar, cannot take joke then go to sleep better lar. dun come out and communicate.

another thing about gender differences is men tend to take joke in a more non-chalant way. girls think that every word, every comment, every sentence, every idea and every fuck up is out to bite her. we talk down on them. condascendingly sometimes. i mean, wtf?

believe it or not, i can call all my male friends lanccheow kia chee bye kia, stupid asshole, fucking idiots, bastard, son of a bitch and any vulgar shit i can think of...

girls... say their bag not nice also must think ten times.. if you criticize any features that are permanently attached to their body? haha! war of the gender i tell you!

that day one of my friend asked me how is that girl? i look at her and say.. not pretty. hey, better than ugly wat!

females give me a wtf? look. those kind of looks that make you seem like an alien from Mars andyour body is green all over.

hey, girls can say, her butt is flabby, left side bigger than right, look at her shirt, ewww. colour co-ordination is a no no.. and those heels.. and look at her earrings.. yucks.

sometimes i wonder how complex the female mind is.. so many small shit details in one sentence. boys focus on big parts. if it's not her face, then her butt, if not, neneh. then, once we identify them, we give them a rate... something along the lines of good, wow, pretty, beatuful, cun, wah lau! or derogrative remarks like : chiew!, mahai like lan only, shit, or ugly, can can, so so, beh pai, like grandma, like auntie or the worse of all, like horse, dog... (insert animal name).

i don't usually use names to describe human but i am just saying from experience. these are not my views and rarely my opinion... it's just that many guys tend to say like this. believe it or not.

so, at the end of the day, if you want detailed one by one description about something... ask a girl.

if you want a summary on something... ask a guy.

if it's ugly, the guys will tell you straight on your face.. however, it might differ if you are the one adorning the item. to be sure he's telling the truth, ask your friend to wear it after a week. he'll then tell you the truth. and don't worry, he couldn't remember it was the same thing on you a week ago.

for the girls.... don't bother asking... they'll tell you... just wait for it.

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August 14, 2005


akmj said…
haha jimmy,
What to do, females and males are different... for a good reason.. ;) to balance the world.. Imagine a world full of males (gosh!!!)
Imagine a world full of (gossiping) females (triple gosh!!!)

*wink wink*


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