.haze in penang?

i was in penang a couple of days ago.

i was travelling back and forth from b'worth and penang a couple of times throughout my holiday there. three, if i remember correctly. during all the hoo-haa over the haze in kuala lumpur, i find nothing wrong in penang. in fact it was almost blissfull, just the normal morning mist.

ma, i can see so far!

journey from the bridge

however, today, as i logged on to pps, i was quite surprised to see that haze has moved on to higher grounds.... penang.

penang feri also can see so far...

a few bloggers has written on this issue so i do not want to touch about this anymore... visit them if you all want to know more.

mom's daily

personally, i mourn for penang. as a land stricken by the previous tsunami, i was hoping that it would bypass penang. obviously... i was ... again... wrong. damn it.

btw, i just had my hair cut a couple of hours ago.. and also i gave my car a bath. spent 17 dollars just for these two.

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August 13, 2005


SK said…
By the time I came back from the Summer Concert, it was better.
Jimmy Ang said…
really? that's a nice thing to hear.

btw, how was the summer concert? heard that it was gonna be nice. i think my sis is going but i'm not quite sure..


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