.getting a .com domain?

i have been wondering it for a few days now? should i fucking get a new domain?

i mean it should be relatively easy since i own www.v2designs.com.

however, i have been thinking about the pros and cons for a few days now.

1. KNN, i can get a domain wor! wahlau, so cun lar... imagine... www.jimmyang.com or www.jeemee.com. If i want to kuai lan, i can choose more a provocative domain like www.cheebyekia.com or www.kanine.com. sure heng wan! haha!

2. Wahlau, i can redesign it as much as i want! create it as complicated as i like! MCH, wordpress also good ok? but i think i prefer moveable type! sure keng wan my blog design! haha!

3. can get RECENT COMMENTS! that way, no need to check my mail for past post comments. cheebye shit man! always checking my mail for comments also very hard man! need to find this and that! dunno where they put the comment also! chau chee bye.

4. no need to be scared of blogger deleting my blog. haha!

5. can store videos also!

1. Need to update all my links again. thank god no one knows me that well yet. i mean it's just been up in blogspot for over a month.

2. Mahai, need to move all my posts and comments to the new blog. chee bye damn tiring man. you all if do before sure can know the pain and hardship. shit!

3. Need to redesign thus taking more time.

4. maybe server no stabil!

5. constant updating my domain. damn a lot of money man! KNNBCCB.

blogger can really do all the things i want? should i abandon it for a more glamor domain? i mean, it's just a fucking blog... a place for me to write shit that i like and put things that i love. it even has a place for me to put pictures!(last time this feature need a different program called HELLO!)

in the end, dun wan lar! make my life harder just so that i can have my "www.jimmyang.com" or "www.jeemee.com".

there are more important things in life like food, sleep, family, friends, yamcha sessions and my money.

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August 4, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…
yah, better if you chia me mamak la. aiyoooh.
Wingz said…
wuah cibaikia! that day baru left 12 bucks sommo now wanna get own domain ... mch got luit anot lu ? kakakaka
Anonymous said…
Aiseh, getting a domain name doesnt mean you have to get a new hosting what.. You can still continue using your blogspot account but with the domain name www.jimmyang.com as your url.

If you're interested, there's a promotion going on for RM15 per year domain name registration. Normal price is RM30 ler.. Read my blog for more info. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
eh your itu er website ar,v2 designs...the design is not properly aligned in firefox? or prob my resolution is screwed up.

and yeah pandaboy is right..you can continue using blogger after you get your domain.but IMHO,better switch to WP or MT laa.i can help you export your entries. :P
Jimmy Ang said…
butt: chia u mamak. get neneh first.

wingz : wahlau, people can improve ok.

pandaboy. yeah, nice idea also. hehe!

really bites: it's supposed to be aligned to the left. and i also think MT is better but still confusing lar. i prefer the simplicity of blogger.


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