.friendster ah bengs and ah lians.

warning, excessive profanity! read disclaimer!

found a forwarded bulletin in my friendster that was oh sooo true. So, i decided to modify it a bit.

Friendster has been fucked up by Malaysians. Why? Lan cheow why? The chee bye use of English, the act of cacat and most importantly, the kansai and wtf pictures of you guys acting cute.

it hurts me even more to see a guy acting cute. fuck lar.

Puffing up your cheeks DOES NOT make you look cute. It just emphasises on how you're trying to hold back a burp. You look like a chee bye waiting to explode. A cau chee bye at that.

Taking a shot from the top is alright, but do not ever open your eyes super wide and act cute. Never. It makes ayah pin puke, gives hentai lovers a description of how you're begging to get your face sprayed all over with cum. Oh yeah, you look like a dog too. My dog. So bark?

DO NOT EVER PUT THIS IN YOUR CAPTIONS NOR YOUR PROFILE ! : aIyaA,pEoPle sAY i CutE aNd PrEtTy bUt i dUn thInkS sO liAu,wHat dO u tHink ??
I mean wtf right? Looks soooo cheebye pathetic. Like some chee bye waiting to get fucked only.

DO NOT EVER DO HAND GESTURES. It just symbolises on your stupidity and how you are trying so hard to speak 'Retard' in sign language.especially the peace sign. it's so friggin annoying. with the puffy cheeks,big eyes and peace sign. ugh,lalaness !
Over here : do not cross your hand or do peace signs unless you are in a rock concert or in a peace demonstration. Or not you will look like a fucking piece of asshole waiting to get tiu-ed.

i think this testimonial broke a lot of rules...

euu; miie; blahblahblahinserthereenlongatedword. They are creative, so to speak, but when you write compositions, you don't spell them like that, do you? I'd rather you take the time to spell every word correctly and leave a good impression on foreigners, than leave your dimwit-slime all over.
example : don't use words like disproportionableness. but... you can use words like... fuckyoucaucheebye.

Get your grammar and vocabulary right. "Love hurts", not "Love hurt".
and when referring to a lot of chee byes, add the s like "their cau chee byes", not ""their cau chee bye"

I merely want you all to change for the better of not only the country, but for your own sake too. (yeah, when i read this i was like... lan cheow ok!) you are the one acting cute and innocent here!

Whoever doesn't sign admits the fact that he/she has condemned himself or herself to my list of
so-to-speak dumbpricks and/or crackheads. Inducing on that fact, you are also welcome to my full list of insults, garbage and junk.If I have offended any of you, you are a loser as you are easily agitated by just an internet mail.
... this one i quite scared. chee bye lar.

dEn sOmE pE0p|e lIk3 t0 tYpE liKe ThAt i dUnN0 wHy..SeE liA0 eY3s aLs0 p4iN mAn
this one is true... lor. looks like some sophisticated lan cheow? kanine... look like shit got lar.

I'd also like to give this bulletin a finishing touch. All that copying and pasting forwarded
testimonials, are lame. Please. Dumb. Disgusting. Totally. Write your own testimonial or don't send one at all! Oh, I forgot to mention. Testimonials are statements or character and conduct
presented to others as a mark of esteem. Not places for you to type teddy bears and pictures. moron.
This one kenny got mention before ady!

and finally in my own words, don't put pictures of your fucking car or your fucking teddy bear or whatever fuck that's not a part of your body. if you want, put pictures of your nenehs or whatever but please refrain from baby cute car gungho fucking images.

all images are a property of their respective owner and friendster. since they fucking publicize it in friendster then it is meant for public viewing. so... fuck off.

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August 2, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…
knn, that's what happens alot.

i puff, i puff, i puff my cheeks oso! cUt3 aN0t 4h!
Anonymous said…
Wingz said…
kakaka diu ... frendsters is a place for lil bois go kau luis ..... kakaka!
Jimmy Ang said…
buttshaker : haha, don't puff ok? spoil your image.

julia : hie!

wingz : yeah, lil bois... prepubescent fucktards to kao luis

james : welcome back.
lainieyeoh said…
I will hereby leave comment with my userpic of me puffing up my cheeks

mahai, kena tiu for no reason. But it's okay la, i was trying to be assy not cute so it fits.
Jimmy Ang said…
lainie : hahaha! sorry lar. but if it's any compliment... you look cute already so no need to puff up your cheeks.

you were trying to be assy?

as in...
kind = kindly
carefully = carefully
ass = assy?

sorry sorry... but i think you meant sassy?

Jimmy Ang said…
ah tiu, paiseh paiseh!


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