.finally, first prize.

well, it's rare i get a prize and it's even rarer i get 1st prize needless to say. however, today came as a surprise. just when i thought my days are damn unlucky as it is.

cause :

1. i woke up to fetch my friend at the bus stop but she arrived half an hour later.
2. i was late for my tuition class.
3. my oil reserve is almost gone thus with the price increase, how long can i stand this torment.
4. had coughs
5. eye pain.
6. tired because i was teaching from 10.30 until 5pm.

then, i read my comments and wingz congrats me for my butt post. i was like, shit? when did i pose my butt on the net? did someone photograph me and modified it into a naked post? damn, i was scared. paranoid even. you know lar with all of these sex scandals going around in the world. people photoshopping images. it even crossed my mind that someone was peeping at me and taking my pictures.

then i remembered this!

muahaha! ain't my ass da bomb?

thanks to jfe8555 for the prize and competition.

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August 1, 2005


Wingz said…
oi since i inform u 1st, then u shud kongsi the prize la!
Jimmy Ang said…
how? break the vcd in half ar?
Anonymous said…

no wonder you won! hahaaha
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : my ass sends his gratitude.

reallybites : yeap, creativity and some muka tebal goes a long way.


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