.fat lips with a fat chance of getting girls.

Fortunately, for us, THERE IS A WAY to see if a person has a high sexual drive or not, JUST BY LOOKING at his (or her) face, and specifically, just by looking at the lips. Today I am going to teach you how to check out for these little signs ON the lips, and teach you how to ‘test the goods’ before you make your decision to buy. But first, here’s the technique in simple terms:

Upper lips = emotional drive
Lower lips = physical drive

Now, emotional drive refers to a person’s need for sentimental, emotional and spiritual stuff. Whereas physical drive refers to the sex bit. Now logically speaking, we can measure the highs and lows of both drives based on thickness of the lips, which means to say

Thick = high
Thin = low
- from minishorts
now in order to please all my female counterpart out there who is reading my blog, i have decided to accentuate my sex appeal.

ok or not? can kau lui with this? maybe i should get plastic surgery.

August 18, 2005


Anonymous said…
omg u really look like jolene la!!

Jimmy Ang said…
after the photoshopped version?

suanie said…
err careful, might have the adverse effect
tik liang said…
ur gf would be very lucky to have u!
Jimmy Ang said…
suanie : yeah, i'm getting weird looks and no more hot looks now....

tik liang : i noticed a hint of sarcasm there.. grrr.... are you mocking me?
minishorts said…

Jimmy Ang said…
minishorts : all thanks to you lar! nasib i din go for plastic surgery straight away.
Michelle said…
HAHA. shit. too funny. i burst out laughing when i saw the photo.

nice blog, btw.
Jimmy Ang said…
michelle: ya think so? haha. so, urm... since i', a sex god.. anyone wanna date fat lips?


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