.the eye 3.

basically today i'm in no mood to post. mahai, my eye so painful. chee bye. it most probably is conjunctivitis.

chee bye lar. some more tomorrow there is gonna be this big party called the dean's list or something. i'm supposed to wear a formal attire there, but fuck lar, with my eye like this, how can i go there? i think i'd be the laughing stock there. my eye would stand out like a sore fuckhead.

i went to clinic that day and i waited for half an hour just to meet the doctor for 5 minutes and she prescribed me drops. mahai, i had them all the time but it's not actually of good use.

i think my eye got infected because of my contact lense the other day. damn chee bye contact. make my lan cheow eye soooo fucking painful. MCH. the amount of swearing can't really relieve my stress.

And if you're not afraid of grotesque images, take a look at my eye. Have fun with them.

don't complain about photo quality.
my lousy hp camera sucks.
if you want better quality, donate to me lar, if not, fuck off.


so much for posing cute with big eyes and puffing cheeks in friendster. kanine.

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August 2, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…
i'll be honest. that looks pretty fucked up.

cornea transplant, maybe? prolly has nothing to do with your cornea, though. random brainstorming.
Anonymous said…
That's friggin' gross. My eyes hurt just looking at the pics.

Cornea transplant? I think you'd be better off replacing the whole eyeball.
Jimmy Ang said…
buttshaker and kerfy : what cornea transplant. hei, don't friggin curse my eyeballs ok? mahai, kena curse for no reason.
James said…
aiyo. kenot tahan la your blog. so keat. i'm jealous now!
Jimmy Ang said…
james : don't be jealous lar.. make me paiseh only. haha. my blog keat, my ass lagi keat. can win first prize leh!

paiseh paiseh.. just kidding. lol

this ass parody is getting tiring...


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