.days in penang.

well, the days have gone by so fast here in the land of food. my days are basically filled with activities like work and meet-up with friends. yesterday was just dull...

i was sitting like a freaking duck in my house cause everyone was working and they felt tired. i believe i would be if i were them. the problem with mondays and tuesdays... until friday is that everyone works. unlike me...

man, i wish i could go out and start my carrier but guess a degree is important after all.

i've got a lot of pictures to be shared and some videos too. when i go back which is sometime thursday or friday (haven't bought the ticket yet)... i'll post a detailed update. sorry for the lack of posts... :(
August 9, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…
random question.

is penang plagued by the haze as well?
Anonymous said…
No wonder didnt see you in class.


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