.damn quiet piece of shit.

damn quiet = stealth right?

no lar, mahai. actually stealth is the name of the movie i am going to talk about. dare not say review afterwards off topic people hentam me.

anyway, i went to city square to shopping but mahai, no money. left with 12 dollars, so i want to watch movie, since it's girls night, all tickets bought by girls are 6 dollars only. chee bye. got male day or not? or boy's day? where got fair. lan cheow lar. cinemas nowadays queen control. veto power us males. chow chee bye.

ok lar. ok lar. i asked my friend, a female to get tickets for us. and i went to the toilet. the receptionist asked, 2 girls? she said yes lar, ah bothen! then she proceeded to purchase the ticket for 12 bucks. and i got in anyway! yay! so.. don't try this.. if you do, don't say you read it here. or don't come bashing me if you malu kena tangkap. mahai. read disclaimer lar.

back to movie...

stealth = translation to bm : senyap sekali. muahahaha
(dun make me a translator. go haywire man)

at first i thought stealth is the name of the plane but no... the name is UCAV. how to pronounce that? u-kaf? nvm. also nickname EDI or tin-man. KNNBCCB, my car also wan nickname lar. just now i decided to nickname it ah-Dee (ah-tee). chio or not my car name?

ok, ok!

three stooges in a row

the movie is about the three stooges, A,B, and female C who combined together make one hell of a navy group. chee bye, they all so keat, i also wan to become a pilot. but now my eye like shit only... no hope lar.

but after laser surgery maybe can ler! still got hope ar? good, my dream from now on is to become a freaking good pilot and enter the navy. US navy. Malaysia wan can fly and kill bird meh?

then once i succeed. i'll be in the movie. and you'll all get to buy me in a poster. like this!

wah lao! damn cun man! me in uniform

cheebye, i think i look at this poster myself also wan to puke. mahai. paiseh, my photoshop skills not good yet. or not sure can make the girls all go goo goo gaa gaa wan. for now, let's stick with the normal routine.

robot in gold. human in metallic silver..

anyway, the actions in the movie, especially the flying and missile views are superb. a little edgy and rough (too messy) but still nice angles overall. however, the most promising part in the whole movie is the plane going from good AI to bad AI to good AI back again. kinda human but... NOT!

nice shot!

personally, i just love the action scenes. no mushy romance here. plain jane action.

anyway, a good tip for all moviegoers before watching a movie is to always leave their brain outside the door, that way, they can enjoy most of the movies they watch. if the movie needs some brain, bring parts by parts back in. that way, too much processing power might destroy a good slapstick humour.

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August 3, 2005


Wingz said…
eh! unc ho production mia tarak clear lar! mch i kena go cinema watch lagi!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
uncle ho no good wan! haha
James said…
hei invite me la. always never call me out one. say only.
Jimmy Ang said…
james : how i know u want to go out. u only said yamcha. somemore why must i call u, you cannot call me ar!

mahai, usually i only go out with chicks leh. if you want free transport and all, grow a pair of neneh lar.or not, msg me and we arrange something.
btw, i will be going back to pg this fri till thursday. so didn't arrange any plans this weekend.
bUttsH4k3r said…
i oni go movie to kap lui on the screen wan.

and im proud of it leh!
Jimmy Ang said…
butt : KNN, such a shameful thing also you proud ar?

i go to movies to find for prospective millionaire actress as wives. i also damn proud of it!

better than kap lui right?


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