.the chronological events that happened.

let's start this post from the day i decided to leave for penang...

after posting the post about the very cun mini cooper, i prepared for the emil chow concert. we departed at 8 o'clock and went for dinner. haha, dinner took place not in a posh restaurant but only in 113. the coffee shope where every ah mah and ah pek can go to. i prefer those kind of places.

we reached the place and found it quite hard to park. we went in to the place and boy, it was crowded. i think there were thousands of people there. thank god we can enter the vip place. nyenyenye!) but wtf? the VIP place is just a barred spot right behind the VVVIP place. MCH. the VVVIP place got seats. the VIP? lan cheow they give you. wan to go in also hard. the place damn small and full of auntie and ah mahs gathering. damn smelly. if i can bottle up the smell and release it in my toilet sure will kill all the cockroaches. somemore the VIP place got no seats. we all like a can of standing sardines. i think the regular patrons behind us were laughing at us... wan to show off also cannot. somemore the cun chick all behind near the normal place.

when i reached there the malaysian pair was singing. i think nian sau or something lar but they were quite ok. can't say anything about their performance though. they kept on asking people to sing together but the malaysians.. lan cheow they give you. sooo paiseh.

after the dismal performance by the malaysian pair, this irritating mother fucking hostess came on top to blabber and bullshit. chee bye, her voice can break a few glasses.. shrieky like hell only. MCH, if i got gun sure shoot her and save my ear first. like that punya chow ah mah look and chee bye voice also can be hostess.

bla bla bla... after she blah, emil chow came out. his presence was demanding and he was taller than i'd expected. also, sporting a logner hair. way longer than i'd expected. he wowed us with his performance and by a few songs, everyone was singing with him.

after that dunno out of nowhere fireworks burst out. MCH, i wanted to video it but my chee bye hp took so long to load, so at last can only record the last 3 or 5 seconds. haha!

again, out of nowhere the hostess came out. this time she said got 5 lucky winner who will get to sing in front of the stage with emil chow. i thought all leng lui. mana tau MCH, all ah mah and aunties. cheebye lar. nenehs also wan to fall off ady somemore wan to kau cai! but surprisingly some of their singing quite good, some... makes me wan to puke.

after that, dunno why, my watch already 10 o'clock. MCH, my bus at 10! so i called the bus station and ask them to stop the fucking bus for me! i said chee bye i coming with my jet now, they say, come faster can or not?!

i also zoom here and there. i think my friend driving 120 km/h. if the fucking police come and tahan also cannot see our smoke lor!

i reached there half an hour later and kena tiu like shit.

then i go to sleep lar.....


reach ady! haha!

see the sign board! straight ahead my cock! this place is b'worth lar!

i reach butterworth early morning. wait for so long. nothing much to do. chee bye, everyday, waste time at house and sleep. so nice man.

waiting... waiting... and waiting...

i also went furniture shopping. also nice man. sticking to the black and white motto but since black is hard to find, dark and light lar. haha!

horizontal span ...

curtains.. looks like some kind of nokia hp skin.

here are some view of the room prior to the furniture...

bathroom also took picture!

book is for my brother's constipation relief. hahaha!


went furniture shopping. go to lorenzo, arredo and verona designs. finally found a cheap and ok wan at verona designs. verona designs is located in front of pacific megamall. arredo also. while lorenzo is located near the chain ferry /jetty there.

they say the furniture will arrive tomorrow but not the cupboard. the cupboard needs at least a few weeks before can reach.

wah, at last reach ady! helped them but my fren came right on time... we go to eat chiam chiam together and i went and buy an extra packet of the rojak sauce. the chiam chiam is located in front of klinik kesihatan b'worth. damn cheap and nice.

came back and took pictures of my new room. one thing i like about this new room is the adjustable brightness. kept playing with it for half an hour i think.

the flowery comforter is temporary...

the flowery comforter is temporary......

the flowery comforter is temporary......

the flowery comforter is really really temporary only...... i'm not gay...
and.. the pink shirt is actually not mine... bah! chee bye lar! it's all mine,
but... temporary only! really!

Nothing to do, night time go yamcha and sleep. also go shopping for quilt after my fren told me about Aussino in gurney on sunday. went there but decided not to buy yet. maybe tomorrow. also went shopping for shirt cause my brother convo coming soon. need to wear nice nice and go kap lui in USM.

went to buy quilt and shirt. yesterday only see see only. today only buy.. hahaha! think before buy mar!

Damn, wake up early early, wear hansom hansom and go to penang, USM. see a lot of graduate people wearing big robes. no leng lui in USM. Damn sien. but i went in to the hall and wait for fucking long hours just to see my brother go up for a few seconds. then come down... voila, the end. bye bye!

chee bye lar, all convocation also like this wan. waste time only.
after that, night time we went to capture graduation photo. i forgot what the place was called.. but damn expensive. people said worth every cent but i think lan cheow... photoshop here and there then print with quality paper and everything... RM30 one picture... chee bye! suck my blood meh! thank god i'm not paying.

the place all look so fucking ugly. i think if it was my house i would die from the dust and the ugly place but when they came out on the picture, always looks cun. so, never believe all the pictures you all see in my blog here. especially of my pictures. i look damn ugly wan but pictures can lie sooo much u know! muahahahaha!

this trishaw is broken like shit and dusty like sai! but on pics... look damn cun!

tonight i am going back but suddenl my sister ate all the rojak sauce i was supposed to take back. chee bet! i went to bukit mertajam to find and then went back to the original place. at last buy too much! also packed some of the fruit back. dunno can tahan until friday morning or not.. but guess what... CANNOT! lan cheow, waste my money!

i packed a lot of shit and also Harry Potter book 6. damn thick man the fucking book! make my bag so damn heavy!

got a lot more issues to talk but chee bye lar. my fingers soooo tired. I fucking blog somemore next time lar.

August 12, 2005


5xmom.com said…
Hahaha, I really enjoy your blog, with all the cheebyes added. With so many cheebyes, no wonder your hand also got tired of typing.
Jimmy Ang said…
probably i should practise some censorship.. change cheebye to chee bet, lan cheow to lanbet but.. i tried it last time, didn't quite work out..

anyway, will try to use proper Malaysian English with some pumped up vulgarity. Children read also cannot learn bad Manglish mar... no subject ver agreement error but a lot of lor, lar, mar and hor!


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