.change your pee into petrol.

Researchers in Singapore have developed a paper battery that is powered by urine. Despite sounding gloriously silly, the breakthrough promises a cheap and disposable power source for home health tests for things like diabetes.

The battery is composed of paper, soaked in copper chloride, sandwiched between layers of magnesium and copper. The whole thing, once laminated in plastic, is just a millimetre thick, and 6cm by 3cm in size.
wow! this gives new meaning to peeing in your petrol tank. i mean, who the fuck would or could ever think of using pee as a power source. these scientists definitely have too much time on their hands.

before long they'd come out with different weird stuffs.

philips renewable pee lighting source

ipod, pee powered.

proton gen-4. pee generated.

"you never have to waste a drop of your pee again".

that means everytime i wan to shu shu.. i need to fill it in a bottle and my fridge will always be full of bottles and bottles of pee from my grandma to my grandson.
August 16, 2005


James said…
pee more
pee pee


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