.busy with dan brown.

not cheap ok?! RM35.90

yeah, just got this today. i read dan brown's da vinci code and was contemplating either point of deception or angels and demons.

i hate to be reading a prequel that usually leech their more famous counterpart, thus no angels and demons. anyway, will be busy with this book and at least now i have a book to accompany me on the way to selayang this 24th!

i received an e-mail from a blogger this morning offering me a ride to selayang this 24th. I'm deeply indebted to her. however i had to decline as i'm a very shy person... and i also hate to trouble people.

This crisp and pungent first thriller by Dan Brown, who teaches English at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, will delight all sorts of readers--especially anyone who knows anything about computers and encryption software such as PGP (for Pretty Good Privacy).
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i was also contemplating war trash by ha jin but due to the lack of knowledge i had about him and this book, i decided to wait till the next trip to mph.

Aside from its extraordinary aesthetic accomplishment, this is a riveting page-turner -- leaping right into bloody firefights and foolish command decisions, forced marches and catastrophic defeats. When Yuan is finally captured by American soldiers, the novel finds its true and timely subject -- the experience of Korean POWs in American camps.
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August 18, 2005


suanie said…
bah should have gotten angels & demons :P well i like it better than digital fortress anyway.. but after 2 books, everything else seems the same
Jimmy Ang said…
argh... your advice couldn't have come at a worse time. a few minutes after i bought the book?!

haha! anyway, i also get this feeling that Dan's books has the same writing and narrative style. it happens to all writers. usually, their writings all have the same style.

well, i hope this book is a thing i can use to at least waste up 1-2 days of my life.
akmj said…
hehe jimmy...
i read bits and parts of digital fortress...
verdict: EXCELLENT!!!
Anonymous said…
I think "Angels and Demons" rocks.
Jimmy Ang said…
surprise. i just got angels and demons!


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