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i said so...

ell, i've been a member of the blogosphere for a few months. i mean.. i am relatively new in this area. so, sometimes i am confused. not by the posts written by bloggers but by the bloggers themselves.

i mean, they all make weird choices. i think that the blogosphere in malaysia is a sphere where a lot of different weird people come together with one big agenda... that is to make their life weirder.

first of all, let's take a look at pps. claiming to be the first malaysian blogtal congregating ... bla bla bla...

it is not an organization nor is it a street. although it names itself as project petaling street, i doubt 20% of the members are from petaling street themselves? then why bother calling the site pps? why not Project Malaysian Street? as in PMS?

then let's take a look at the founder and creator of PMS, Aizuddin Daniaddenaasda.. whatever, i mean, i can never get how many Z's or D's there are in his name. He names his site volume of interaction? why volume? why not level of intereaction? nvm. that is quite a small matter? another thing about aiz is "why his site all got text only wan?" take a look at VOI and PMS. How come there are no pictures? background images? his profile picture.. anything... how come never have wan?

another thing is that kao peh kao buh eh kenny sia. his name already like sial. so people might call him Mr. Sial or Mr. Sai. But this fella is clever, put kenny in front. So people will call him kenny not sial anymore. However, he wants to marry xiaxue. this singaporean girl with the nick xiaxue is actually wendy cheng. but i never knew why she put her nick as xiaxue. maybe in chinese, it has some nice ring to it. but since i am a banana boy, i usually pronounce it as sia sui! (memalukan or bad luck). two weird people getting together and humping like a yoda scene is not good also.

XiaXue (as Yoda): "Kenny sweetums. Horny I am. Fuck me you must!"
Kenny: "Yes, master."

*Undress. Kenny mounts XiaXue*

XiaXue: "Mmmmm.... Very nice that feels. Long lightsabre, you have!"
Kenny: "Thank you, master."
XiaXue: "Ooooh, fuck me harder my padawan! Use the Force! USE THE FORCE!"
Kenny: "Ohhh... Yes, master."
XiaXue: "Stop you must not! Cumming I am! CUMMING I AM!"
Kenny: "Hold on, master!"
XiaXue: "AAAAH!"

*BOOM! Xiaxue explodes*


so weird right?

another person which intrigues me is jeff ooi. his site is named screen shots. but i never see any print screen shot on his site also? why he so like that? does he take pictures of the screen or does he use a magnum to shoot his stupid screen. and by screen does he mean his computer screen, tv screen or what screen? chee bye lar, make me confused.

and mack zulkifli, don't get me started on him... his site, brand new malaysian. i thought he was born a few days ago or underwent some spiritual transformation... but if like that also har, new can only remain new for soooo long lar. your blog has been up for so long.. can change name to brand old malaysian ady lor!

another fella that irks me is rojak's poster. mahai, so fucking ugly also can use as poster.
i thought rojak is a food but we must READ rojak everyday to become handsome. i try to write R.O.J.A.K. on my bedroom door and i read rojak at least twice a day. but i'm still fucking ugly? why har? can get refund or not?

and this girl, or mother called chan lilian. she named her blog 5xmum? why? is it because she's a mother of 5? i don't think so leh... i thought she has only 2 or 3 kids. even if she has 5 kids har, then she name her blog 5xmum also cannot be wat... if Ayah Pin create a blog and use her tactic his blog will need a long name...

4xhusband, 14xdad, 6xgrandfather.

you see, so long... cannot be lar.

speaking about weird blog names, i read about this fucker with a blog named bigfuck. after that i think because he fuck too much his balls were deprived of sperm and became dry. after dry, grow hairs all over his balls. then he thinks his balls looks like rambutan. and then he decided to name his blog rambotan.com. wtf? no wonder lar he post pictures of himself with an underwear on top of his head. i know there are a lot more yeng pictures of him but i dun wan to use lar.. i prefer the underwear wan. looks cute and dumb.

going on to the singaporean arena, there is the ever so eksyen punya mrbrown and the VENEREABLE miyagi SENSEI. i mean, who calls himself MR. brown? another one pulak calls himself the VENERABLE miyagi and SENSEI somemore! so many angkat diri punya initials. Maybe one day i can call myself the
"ultra super duper intelligent genius beyond imagination handsome Mr. Jimmy Sensei"

this sure can attract people's attention one.

ok, ok.. let's come back to something local. another person who amuses me is minishorts. she claims it's because her posts are mini and shorts. but when we all look at her, we can't help but imagine her in a minishort.... and when i say minishort i mean minishort ONLY. now, don't go getting extra elated geeky boys.

and then there are people like danny fool... i mean dannyfoo. also not to forget kungfu geekery, shaolin tiger. upon hearing this name i'm sure we all think that shaolin tiger is the nick for an asian. maybe chinese. why? because shaolin = kungfu = chinese/asian. and tiger has always been a powerful and mystical creature in chinese history. but the bugger is a mat salleh lor! how come can come up with kungfu tiger? i think taekwondo bear suits him better.

ok, ok... not much left ady but just a few... there's this fucking car blog. i mean, blogged by a car. and i thought i was crazy? fucking proton iswara can not only type but can also buy dvds as prizes! mahai, terkejut or not?

also got this fella, his father and mother give him good good name but he donch wan! he wants to name his blog.... buttshaker.. mahai, sounds like some faggot right?

imagine going into a bar.. chatting up the nearest cun girl you can get your dirty paws on...a guy appraoches you and say.. hey, you're buttshaker right? how would that affect your image? mahai... by that time you will surely sound like a cheebye faggot ady. waiting to get his butt shaked by a thrusting... urm.... *something lar*

oh, and another controversial one... SPG. the naked parade... haha. just kidding but should be her slogan though. she names her blog sarong party girl? who wears a sarong to a party? imagine how ugly that would be? not to mention the looks and the cheap shots you'd get from people who want to get easy acess. i mean, wearing sarong... want to stripi also easy.. next time if you want to name your blog try to sound a bit sophisticated and weird... like chastity belt party girl. no one would want to harrass you that time.

last but not least... the most controversial of all.. there's this blogger who likes g-strings... he even loves them soo much that he takes them to bed and piles himself up in mounds of them. from both sexes. and then hor, he also likes to eat maggi mee while looking at pictures of people in g-string... and then one day, he want to create a blog but he want's to be anonymous....

he think and think... then he decided since he loves g-string why not name his blog G-String?

but then cannot.... people will think he's ham sap and hiao.

so he want to name his blog maggi mee. but then got copyright issue.. also cannot.

he sooo clever, guess at last what is his blog name?

G-String + Maggi Mee = jeemee

p/s: for those whose blog are not mentioned here.. congrats, your blog name does not arouse my curiosity and you are not weird.

for those who are mentioned here, i didn't mean any harm. if you are offended, mail me and i will take your name down.

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August 16, 2005


Anonymous said…
aiyo why you so kaypo wan.plp's blog names also wanan know.hahahaha
Edmund Yeo said…
I believe Xia Xue in Mandarin means 'Snowing' (or literally 'Snow Falling'), or it could be Summer Snow. Depends on how it the tone of Xia is.
bUttsH4k3r said…
knn! mahai! i oso mention ka! wahiew lehh! i so proud leh!
5xmom.com said…
Oi, I got 4 sons on earth and one up in Heaven. So, 4+1 = 5 lor. You know maths or not?
Jimmy Ang said…
rb : i donch wan to know wan but they are weird.

eliar : being a banana boy has its disadvantages.

butt : donch worry, next time will also try to include you.

5xmom. i never knew but i know one is up in heaven. the rest 4 i donch know. btw, really got so many child before ar u? keng man.... i think my mom said 3 also tak bleh tahan ady!
Wingz said…
WUAH KKNCCBYMOSOMFGBBQKKI !!!! Lampar ... ops i mean limteh .... err .. i mean limpeh lampar limteh ... MCH!!! LAI KONG MUD 7 LAR ??!!! WUAHAHAHAHA
minishorts said…
spoken like a true male... that part about me, that is. ;)
Anonymous said…
OI. How come never talk about me wan??
JFE 8555 said…
oi oi...i sent you your prize 2 weeks ago larr to the address you gimme larrrr....

my garage of a blog temporary suspension, to go together with master to do some domain shopping. heheheheh.. one for the master...one for the car...
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz : spoken like a true beng! wtf u tokking?

minishorts : hey... not me lar.. other people... (huhuhu)

leen : you sure you want me to talk about you? don regret lor!

mr.iswara : not yet receive lar. you sent through pos malaysia or poslaju?
Anonymous said…
lmao. damn farnee lar this one :)especially the description used on kenny.


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