.billionaire questions.

* Name Two Bad Habits You Have: -
- racing with my proton.. especially with a bmw or merc
- driving without my seatbelt and one hand drinking a cup of coffee while the other talking on the hp.

* Name Two Things That You Wish You Had: -
- an island as big as penang with cute chicks from all over the world. i mean cute and cun ONLY.
- a cupboard full of porn which has a certain degree of QC.

* Name Two Scents You Love: -
- my armpit
- the smell of new fresh shampooed hair.

* Name Two People That Know You the Best :
- george bush... (you think the invasion of privacy is all for nothing?)
- dad

* Name Two Things You'd Never Wear: -
- condom
- lacey bra (other bras can consider..)

* Name Two Things You Are Thinking About Now: -
- how stupid this post would be
- how am i gonna wake up tomorrow?

* Name Four Things That You Have Done Today: -
- eat
- peed
- caressed my butt
- watch porn

* Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought: -
- a pack of tissues (kleenex man!)
- detergent for my dirty clothes
- hp holder for my car
- sweet and sour pork rice

* Name Five Bands/Groups/Vocalist you Like the
- the next door neighbour's piano
- my neighbour's cock... as in male chicken lar!
- alar, too many lar.. cannot name all. go figure!

* Name three Drinks You Regularly Drink: -
- sky juice
- neneh juice + chocolate = milo
- sirap

* First Grade Teacher Name? -
wtf? you think i know meh?

* Last Words You Said: -
fuck off

* Last Song You Sang? -

* Last Person You Hugged? -
- my atm machine

* Last Thing You Laughed At? -
- the radio. this fella was so stupid he was singing do do dooo dooo do doo as a whole song and the dj was like damn pissed off. in 98.7fm singapore.

* Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And meant it? -
- to my atm after my salary came in yesterday afternoon.

* Last Time You Cried? -
- yesterday afternoon

* What Color Socks Are You Wearing? -
- why u wanna know?

* What's Under Your Bed? -
- the floor... duh?

* What Time Did You Wake Up Today? -
- 9.30 am

* Current Passion? -
- sleeping

* Current Hair? -
- black, short and pointing up or sideways. no hint of white but has a lot of oomph to it!

* Current Clothes? -
- spectacles, urm.. does my wristband count?

* Current Annoyance? -
- these chee bye questions

* Current Longing? -
- ramly burger and bak kut teh!

* Current Desktop Picture? -
- default bliss from windows xp. why bother changing?

* Current Worry? -
- how to wake up tomorrow for class?

* Current Hate? -
- tomorrow's class

* Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex? -
- after reading minishorts' post.. urm.. lips.

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August 17, 2005


Jimmy Ang said…
thanks vynn! and i actually get e-mail from every comment made. :)


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