.xiaxue lost her blog?

well, this is really serious and appalling. xiaxue has lost her blog posts. thank god she has all her archives saved until May 2005. However, The rest is gone. This means two months worth of posts. Roughly around 60+ posts for gods sake.

Now, I know xiaxue has been acting all arrogant and stuff but if you, the reader don't like her posts, then simply click the red x at the top! don't go hacking us bloggers! i support xiaxue here with all my heart and my deepest condolences goes to her and her avid readers. if anything, the hacker should know that this would only make her more popular cos this will soon spread to the amount of catastrophic links!

xiaxue, sorry for your lost. i hope you can get everything back and i hope you are back in spirit to post. we bloggers will all support you no matter what it takes.

for a show of support, i have decided to post this chicklet for you.

p/s: please host the image yourself.

Xiaxue's message :
Dear readers of xiaxue.blogspot.com,

Yes, indeed, my blog has been hacked. I understand some of you might be sending emails to me right now, alerting me, and the thought warms my heart (which is very startlingly cold right now mind you).

Unfortunately, the hacker is quite clever. He also managed to guess the password to my gmail account. My 3,000 emails, some of which very important business contacts, are all gone.

*snap!* Gone.

The last time I saw my account, I saw two new emails, and these were the only two. I thought Gmail cocked up on me. I laughed, refreshed, and hey, I got logged out! To my horror I couldn't log in anymore. Can you imagine the amount of time he or she took to delete everything?

Checking blogger.... GONE TOO!

How wonderful. A total of 12 or so blogs, all painstakingly done up, all gone. The media center, the FAQs, the photolog, the Hate site. My hard work of 3 years, gone.

Vanished into thin air now! How very cruel this person is. I wonder what made him or her do this.

I remember I once told Adrian, "You know what is my greatest fear?" "What?" he mumbled (not because he wanted to mumble but because he only grunts and mumbles).

It was that someone would hack into my blogger account.

Adrian laughed and said, "Then did you save all your blog files?"

I told him no. He scolded me and said, "Then you better go and save them now!"

And I did! The latest, however, was the May archives. So if you do have ways to get back the June and July archives, or you saved them even, do tell me! I never thought I would ever be thanking this person, but... xialanbin.blogspot.com did put in some work in copying my files afterall. The URL for my archives are there.

It will be hard work doing up all the old blog entries again. It will take a lot of time and sweat, but I can do it.

Because being Xiaxue means nothing can get me down, ever. Especially when so many of you are with me. Thank you Shuyin, for waking up at 430am to help me.

I started out with nothing, and I can do it all over again. I will stop those bloody tears right this moment.

Help me spread the word. Help me put this message on your blog. Do not email me at xiaxue@gmail.com from now until I get back my account. If you want a word, please email me at wendycheng@gmail.com.

Thank you.

The real Wendy
[Because this email can be authenticated by my friends Shuyin, Wanyi, Mrbrown, Mr Miyagi and Kenny Sia.]

Thanks bloggers!
-original post from xiaxue
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July 22, 2005


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