.what is guasa.

i was having this absurd pain on my leg when i was playing football aka soccer. anyway, to put things simply, i had an accident and it hurts my leg like hell. so when i was meeting my friend, he suggested i tried something called guasa.

i was thinking wtf is that? but however, since it's free, i relented anyway. but i had my doubts too. i found another experimental rat to try it on first so i can gauge how it will turn out before trying it for myself. since there was no other experimental rat, he said i show you my guasa-ed back! very good wan eh!

wah, your wife so good ar? i also want lar.. let's go to your house.... unfortunately, my friend said he can do it right here right now. i was like.. shocked! but i relented at last... he was too strong for me.

actually, he only guasa-ed my hand and my painful leg. it seems guasa is some kind of relieve massage medication therapy. kanasai, say lar early early!

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July 17, 2005


Jimmy Ang said…
lol.. looks so scary right? last time when my dad whacks me with his belt or 4 by 6 also same lar. the bruises are almost the same.

nowadays, i would give everything for those bruises again.

well, miss the lost ones.. cherish the available ones.


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