.tuition for adult english level 2 complete.

well, today is the last day for my class. only those in adult english level 2 of course. they were all quite happy with their results and so was i. i mean, it feels happy seeing their fxcking face brimming with achievement and excitement. :) although deep in my heart i was grinning with "pray and call me lord". you all owe it to me for this achievement! muahahahaha! actually, no lar but who cares...

anyway, there are only students alltogether in the whole freaking class. how lamo is that. but it was fun teaching these 3 bunch of stooges.

Presenting in the first place, the main stooge and father of all stooges, the extra muscular hunky calvin khoo.

hey, stop pretending to be a hunk ok. 123, breathe in.. kanasai, that ugly hand is not mine ok!

second, the ultra blur daphne!

she's happy cause she's one of our top students. well, out of 3...

third the moody miss pang...

moody and grouchy makes someone a bitter person.
when i told her she failed, this was her expression.
when i told her she has the highest marks, this was also her expression.

together, they make....

like i said, i wouldn't do unto people what i wouldn't do unto myself so.... there ya go!
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July 15, 2005


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