.toyota family.

well, my family has been a toyota buyer since vios came out. due to the exceptional quality and durability, not to mention cost saving features, we were all mesmerized by it. like toyota says, "can't resist them".

however, the recent avanza that my brother bought has declined my interest and support for toyota. mainly because it uses a daihatsu engine. with a 1.3 litre capacity, it is still a good grab! and moreover, it is damn fucking cheap ok! nabeh! 6 seater for 40-50 k, what else you want! aeroplane engine ar?

anyway, i was contemplating a compact mid size car like myvi, aveo, jazz or somewhere along the line.(savvy ar? damn small lar! but they say tahan lar! how am i supposed to know? take a lorry and ram into it ar? then compare the same results with a myvi lor? stupid gaberment!)

however, i think my family can now be a full time toyota family cause i just found the ultimate compact mid car! codename? toyota vitz!

kanasai, logo looks sooooo similar to perodua leh!

why all the interior silver plastic like wan! nvm lar. i've seen the night shot!
looks much much better than the myvi! atleast don't have the big motha fucking round dials like myvi has!

this is what i call chio buh! love it!

dunno about the panel display on the mid though. never been a fan of it!

compare with myvi!

come now, which one more chioh (cun) ?
July 21, 2005


Anonymous said…
I have been pretty proud of perodua although I never had one before. Seems like they are imporving but dunno about durability of internal parts. If proton, I had 2 proton and internal parts always falls off one by one after a few year using it.

Engine for toyota will be highly recomended as it saves petrol for definate and build for lasting. MyVi part I dunno, maybe need someone who have it to say this comparison.
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, i think Perodua has also been improving tremendously these few years especially. Their myvi was a proof of their development. Kudos to Perodua for that.

Hopefully Proton can come out with cheap well designed cars. Yes, I hate Gen2.


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