.tired of being me.

over the past few days, i have been really busy, so.. sorry for the lack of updates. i have classes on monday until 12 and thursday until 12. then on sunday i also have classes from 10.30 until 5.00 pm. not to forget my f4 classes on wednesday. damn tiring man.

these few days has tught me a lot about FOOD NUTRITION. yes, you read it right. being the poor bastard that i am, i have nothing better to do than eat everyday. however, since i am low on cash (biasalah, first few days of the month... gaji belum masuk).. i have decided to restrict my diet. on a normal day i would eat...

on a day where i feel happy i would add some extra stuffs and make myself happy. i mean, something like a day that calls for celebration or a lucky day which i feel really really happy... i would go and cook myself this extra delicious meal which consists of...

nice eh? wow! i never imagined the height of my meal would be a hotdog moi. like kanasai only. well, what to do.. i'm trying to save up just in case my PTPTN doesn't come in. you know lar those administration fxck ups never deliver on time. in the end... who has to suffer? me right? the innocent little me you mofos.

anyway, school's about to be re-opened.... oh, for the love of god... why can't i grad asap!
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July 9, 2005


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