.the retarded cat.

some cats just love to make themselves look retard. i recently was browsing through my mail pictures and found these particularly disturbing images of a retarded cat.

i know, some of you might think that this is a normal routine for a cat... but as he probes deeper... one can only imagine...

then... of course.. once his face comes out of the stupid smelly shoe... the retarded face comes to life. a lot of girls will go oohhh... and ahhh... over this cute retarded face.

so, in a new ploy to court girls, i tried to put my face into my new converse shoe and see if i can look as cute as the cat... however, my trials failed when i came into the class amidst a standing ovation and a sudden burst of laughter.

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July 11, 2005


KY said…
hahaha, that's hillarious
Jimmy Ang said…
it wouldn't be if you were me.... :(



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