.pang sai style and tempo.

ah, the beauty of malaysian nights. the once in a week pasar malam never ceases to amaze me. people come here every week to get great bargains and wonderful malaysian food delicacies.
well, like any other week, i decided to get a bite there. thus i was joined by my fellow friends aka housemates.

after what seems like a very short walk, we found the laksa guy. you know, the fella selling penang laksa. so, we decided to order here and sit down to enjoy it.

Me, sp and yy were sitting when we saw rach and hz coming.

thus here is a short snippet of our conversation and how it changed into the tempo and style for pang sai!

rach : eh, jim. you remember or not last time what disgusting thing we were talking about at long siang (dragon village.. a restaurant) there?

jim : forget ady ler!

rach : i know i know, we were talking about pang sai cos you asked me to faster eat cause you really kek sai at that time!

jim : yeah, and sp started moving on to how disgusting it is to have the water from the toilet bowl splash up after a big drop of sai! mak cau hai! geli man!

sp : yeah, the first few drops nevermind cause the water is still clear.. but if you lau sai or after some time when the water gets murky, wah lau your kah cui (bum/ass) also geli man!

jim : haha! and we were also talking about how we can control how and when we want the sai to come out.

sp : yeah, we can detract our asshole like a paper cutter and cut our sai into small snippets! damn nice man. put! put! put!

(i have a very vivid imagination so i dare say that at this time my mind was going through all kinds of sai situations. damn with the bowl of laksa in front of me some more!)

sp : eh, how come those cartoons can show those sai like long rounding vertical ones har? can wan meh?

jim : wah lau, if your butt near enough to the floor and you move your body according to the rhythm, then you probably can make those kind of sai! hahaha!

sp : sometimes har, when i cannot pang sai i will count the tiles or read a book. usually after i read a book, the sai will come out like a flush of water. very syiok wan you know!

*by this time, everyone here were laughing loudly and we were too embarassed to go on after there are customers sitting beside our table.*

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July 23, 2005


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