.new shopping spree.

yes, finally my birthday is fxcking over like.. soooo dead. but to my surprise my students threw a birthday party for me today! yay! we ate cakes and all and we went out shopping. don't worry, they're all over 20. yes, i teach adults too.

anyway, i went to jusco permas jaya and i gotta admit it looks way better than jusco tmn u. jusco tmn u is like.. soooo fxcking limited and shitty. bah.. whatever lar. anyway, i was gonna purchase this giordano dry tee. since 2 is for 98 and since it was my birthday it should have an additional 20% discount. haha. i was excited and i said, yeah, gimme the pink and yellow wan. then they say the fxcking promotion (birthday one) will only apply to the original price and i ask them to count lar after much arguing. the total after discount from the original 59.90 price? 95.40. WTF? a measly 3.60 cents discount? i mean it's my fxcking birthday.. the day i was born... the day the world had another one more person to add to its population statistic. wtf? damn giordano. anyway, they even asked for my address and all shit and even my phone number. i was like you want all of that for 3.60 cents? who the fxck do you think you idiots are? numbskulls... anyway, just releasing tension.. haha

i also went out to get sneakers. wouldn't say it's actually sneakers but whatever. remember my old sneakers with the dog bit? i have to be extra careful with this new one. costs me 159.90. damn.... but i guess it's ok... at least i like it. :)

anyway, i will be pretty busy soon since class will be starting and my tuition is getting packed with more classes too. will find time hard to come by... :( but i'll try my best to at least blog once a week. i believe one day when i read back all of these entries.. i'll laugh my arse off. literally...

oh yeah, my family just moved... to a new location and a new house... address? i hardly know, even if i do... don't ask me here... msg me. when i go back for my bro's convocation, i will take pics of my new house and my stupid room. bye mates...

love is for idiots who can't find sex...
- by jimmy ang, 2005

maybe i'll post a crappy personal quote each blog. :)
July 4, 2005


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