.the malay agenda.

During the 1960s, the income gap between Malays and non-Malays was vast, with Malays earning less than half compared with non-Malays. This gap created a feeling of unease among Malays.

After the May 13 incident, the Government realised that it was imperative to implement a programme that could create socio-economic parity amongst the country’s different races.

The Malays had to be given opportunities to enable them to elevate themselves so that they could equitably enjoy the fruits of economic progress. The New Economic Policy (NEP) was, therefore, introduced as a formula to reduce the disparity in economic achievement amongst the various races in the country.
-the star

wahlau, i am not a racist but they want to double their efforts meh?
that means the amount of non-bumiputra students entering public universities to pursue their studies in science, tech or engineering will be very very fucking limited.

moreover, with the controversial issues that arise regarding entries into universities. it even needs the intervention of politicians to be solved. now, think of the amount of students that came out on the papers who didn't get to the public uni even though they got exceptional results... now multiply it by a few hundred. that's the actual number of students who didn't get into public unis.

cis, now, limpeh must earn more money for limpeh's son to go to private college. or not i'm afraid they will become beggars lar! nowadays no degree can do what work? no wonder chinese always do business lar... we are clever but lack the opportunity.

Therefore the Government will redouble efforts and increase programmes to develop human capital to ensure that Malays have the requisite physical, mental and spiritual strength.

We will also multiply our efforts and provide more facilities to ensure more Malays master science and technology. This will ensure a sustained supply of Malay professionals.
-the star

hiao punya gabernment. sponsor lar... sponsor somemore!
sponsor and give free gift also lar next time. cheebye, hiao kia!

editorial note: i am not against any malays here. in fact i know very exceptional malay people. heck, 2/3 of my class are malays. they are even cleverer than me. but don't you all think the gabernment is giving a little too much? they are making it look like malays can't do anything without gabernment help. hey, they can achieve anything they want without your help lar. so give CITIZENS OF MALAYSIA EQUAL OPPORTUNITY especially in education (remember, education is free for all).
however, i think UMNO is thinking in the right direction when they said this...

No one can deny that in the past, there are those among us who have received too much assistance and too many chances. There are those who have not received enough assistance and those who have not been given opportunities at all. This is not fair and far from just. This cannot continue.

There will never be enough contracts, licenses, permits or scholarships for all bumiputras. We must wake up to the fact that when we award a scholarship to an unqualified bumiputra, we are depriving a more deserving bumiputra recipient. This is clearly unjust.
-the star

however, equity to bumiputras is the keyword. not Malaysians. the different ethnic races would still have to wait i guess...


until when?!

edited: on a side note, i found aizuddin making the same post condemning Hishamuddin.
also more posts by brand new malaysian
July 23, 2005


thquah said…
You write this rant , ho liau man.
Jervin said…
they are trying to *** *** (not swear words but sensitive words) of the chinese. do you know that? it's prejudice. they want to make this country '1 bangsa'. you know i know la. the chinese in the end will zhao lou to another country.

no wonder they keep multiplying until 10+ children whereas the chinese are having 2 or 3 kids in the house.

ka yau, you yellow skin people. better produce more hahaha.

since life is like that it is better we try to save our own skin and continue living but also try to get our rights instead of blaming on the government. damn you (you know who)
Anonymous said…
Haiya U guys,that AGAM is UMNOs,so if they want to talk about Malay Agenda,let them talklah. At MCA's AGM we talk Chinese Agenda pula.

We chinese no like big family,always use condom so has small family only. Whats the problem.

The Malays get many thing,we tumpang - Ali Baba ma. We give them little money,they happy,we make big bucks!!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
big family how to support. now do subsidy for us lar. and then our child if got 10 or 12 then can earn enough to make sure they all go to uni or not? if cannot then better make 1 or 2 child enough lar!


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