.lost my visa.

well, visa has shown how cheap skate they are...

blewtooth, a malaysian blogger has lost or decided to give up his battle to VISA international because of financial and stress constraints. i mean, come on, how do you expect to fight a big company like VISA. it will take you eons (this means a lot of time wasted and no gaji somemore) and it will give you a lot of sleepless unnecessary stress.

next time, don buy with VISA, get MASTERCARD lar. don't boycott visa, run away when they ask you to pay. hahaha.

I politely asked for compensation (of course I had to be careful for not falling into a 'cybersquatting' trap, if there's any), but all I asked for is a domain replacement so I can keep blogging and I don't think that's too much to ask for. It can also make me feel better for being respected. However, the answer I got was a rude NO. Come on Visa, how much is a domain going to cost you? By the way, I renewed this domain two months ago. In other words, Visa gets to use this domain name for free for the year to come with my hard-earned money. Oh joy
- blewtooth @ visa.com.my
wtf? come on, give the mother fxcker a fxcking domain also cannot. what the fuck? and to think that i use your card to pay for my groceries. chew, nowadays, i think i can go back and cut the card lar! ... well, i am not that hasty but.. tempting. muahahaha.

to all bloggers, we feel hard for this poor soul. it is already a burden trying to update your blog and paying for a domain but the fact that no one respects our identity as a blogger makes us more pissed off. i hope there are idiots in visa who will get their money ripped off when crediting their own card.

now an advice to blewtooth, don't get names like visa.com.my,

get domains like visasucks.com.my or visascrewedme.com.my. you might also consider visa-kedekut-gila.com.my and my last but favourite,

the man is scolded by the girl until chau tau!

anyone who registers jimmy-ang.com.my, i will sue your ass off like visa.
no, not only getting back domain, in fact i will make you pay for using it for the duration of your host.

why? cause you are sucking on my name and my popularity.

how? through the famous penangite karpal singh lawyer.

how much am i going to pay you. 2 cents for compensation.

how much are you going to pay me? 1 cent for every second you are online using my name as a domain!

haha! ... so... don't try to be funny or i will sue you until you chau tau! (smelly head)
July 16, 2005


Wingz said…
can i register jeemee-ang.com.my ? pulez dun sue my smelly head !!!! LOL!!! visa sucks ... for everything else there is MASTERCARD!!!


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