.the backroad food stall in jb.

as i've mentioned in the last chapter of my post here. i pointed out a wonderful backroad food stall in jb. as i was going to watch fantastic four today, i decided to drop by to grab a bit. on the way through the back lane it's like finding a mysterious lost food haven.

however, as i venture deeper! ahha! found it. actually without my friend's help i wouldn't even know how to find out. usually i just go in to city square, park and shopping or eat McD! blah... now i know how pathetic i was!

anwyay, after grabbing a bite, i noticed somethign is lacking. i wonder it's because i am realizing that this place is not that special anymore. it's like a toy you wanted. once you have it and played with it once or twice, you say, kanasai, not nice wan. well, that's kinda like how i felt.

anyway, F4 not flower four har! the flower four can go to die. Fantastic four was not as exciting as i expected it to be. it was mainly focused on "the thing" and his feeling. however, i love the showoff Torch! he's basically the one that made the show lively. even the love affair of the invinsible jessica alba and fantastic plastic is L A M O! lamo!

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July 17, 2005


Jervin said…
He he just saw the show too. but mr 'hebat' din show much of his skills. disapointed...
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, the fantastic ain't that fantastic. he looks soooooo lame beside mrs incredible. at least mrs incredible can do a whole hella lotta things!


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