.apology through the net.

sorry lar. my stupid mistake. price of petrol didn't go up. instead my balls went up high in flames cause i am too embarassed. malu wei... kanasai. sorry sorry. paiseh paiseh. well, rest assured, as of july the 1st, the price of petrol has not gone up...... YET!

by the time i am posting this.. it's already my birthday. and how did i celebrate it? by going to catch a movie. i know lar, pretty lame but unless you want to give me presents, keep your mouth shut.
the movie i caught was war of the worlds. one thing i gotta tell you all since i am already pissed off from the show is don't watch it... get the vcd or whatever and watch it at home. it's lame and it kinda downright sucks. i know, who am i to comment on steven spielberg. but hey, i have my own thoughts. if i say 1 and you say 2.. you don't see me getting up your fxcking throat. so, don't come and kacau me lar. i can say whatever my balls and dxck pleases. and in return they please me....

anwyway, damn tired. will post more next time i'm free. or when i got nothing else bigger than to talk to my pathetic blog.

to all of you who messaged me wishing me happy birthday, thanks dudes. it means a lot on my shitty day. it's like getting a bowl of plain rice on a dessert. no, not water cause that would be the icing and that would mean soooooooo much more than a message with fxck you jimmy, happy birthday. wish you were not born lar.

just kidding but really lar... thanks to all those who messaged, sms-ed, called and posted a testimonial... to those who don't... mai cai lu er! don wan to talk to you anymore! lol!
July 1, 2005


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