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my name is jimmy, jimmy ang. i hope i'm an alien but that's not happening in this life. i'm a homosapien. basically i laze around everyday. i seldom do anything and i love procrastinating. this means that i am always sleepy because since i have nothing to do, i will inevitably feel sleepy.

i am a boy who loves every minute of life. i was diagnosed with biliary atresia when i was 7 weeks old. however, my mother did not give up on me. although the doctor said i have only 0.1% of surviving the kasai operation, my mom insisted on it. which makes me who i am now. the doctor once said, take him home and give him the best of his time while you can. (sometimes i wish i can meet the doctor who said this and give him a taste of his own shit.)

since surviving the operation, i have been living like a healthy boy for quite some time. however, there are medications that i sometimes rely on. although the rebellious me has forgotten taking those medicines a few time but i try to remember whenever i can. god knows i would regret it if i fall sick due to lack of fxcking medication.

people have always seen me as someone who has a happy go lucky guy. even in the brink of death i always put up a smily face. i hate people crying because of me. i have disappointed my mother and god knows how many times she has cried her heart out because of me. i love her and my family with all my heart and if given a chance i would sacrifice myself for them. i never thought sacrificing myself for any1 other than the egoistic meself but now i know... there are some who loves you so much, not who you love so much. and to these people, i would gladly lay my life on the line.

i am on the liver transplant list and maybe one of these days my handphone will ring. and i would be summoned to hospital selayang. i know then that it would be too late to create my life's chronicle. so, now hopefully with this blog, i will leave some of me behind to remind people of the me, the actual one notch up vulgar me and also the happy go lucky me. i do not want to leave a legacy only to be forgotten. one day i know people would look upon me as jimmy, the happy crazy boy, not jimmy, the sick boy.

i love living and i love making friends, right now, i don't know how the future will turn out, how old i could live to be, whether i could grad this year or whether i can live long enough to see my sister get married... however, i know that i will cherish every moment like there is no tomorrow, hug everyone like it is the last time and smile everytime like it is the last image people would see of me.

Continuation... (september 2005)

i am from Penang. Born and bred in Penang until about the year 2000, I came to Johor. Johor is a place totally the opposite of Penang. in Johor, i find and learn about things i could never learn in Penang. Like Mandarin and Singaporean culture.

i admit that Johor is a nice place, if you visit it once in a while, but i wouldn't want to make it my home. I still love Penang and will always do. Currently I'm pursuing a degree in English (TESL) from UTM.

i have no idea what my future holds for me but I hope that it will be exciting and motivating. I hate a 24/7 desk job. I hate sitting and doing the same routine everyday, but people tell me it's unavoidable. Well, I hope for god's sake I do not turn into a statistic in this country. I want to make a difference before I go but I haven't found the path to excellence yet. Maybe soon, maybe never but I will keep on trying...

what happens now is that I'm just crusing along the breeze. Enjoying the view and feeling the sensations of whatever brings. Life is not hard, but it is not simple also.

more about me? (November 2006)
click here ... this is me, no bulls.

this is a story about me and i will be adding things to it as time goes by. it is not static as my future is not written and my present is not fated. we make our own life and our own fate. hopefully, i create my own chance too
July 16, 2005


Jimmy Ang said…
well, vynn. i never wanted to be anyone's hero. but i hope i can be an inspiration. to those who see death by the face. face it, for it every second that you cry counts as time wasted.

btw, vynn. i c ur a utm student. i added your name to list of utm bloggers. if you know of any1 else, notify me so i can add them and we can then link each other up.
bUttsH4k3r said…
i didn't know you were sick m8.

keep swearing, though. knnccb you're not jee mee if you don't swear leh, mahems!
Anonymous said…
you rock


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