nothing biggie but i have been observed twice. twice by both my lecturer and teacher supervisor. basically, my teacher supervisor says it's ok but i don't think she's very generous with her marks. my lecturer, she's a bit grouchy with me but she says she'll come 4 times. this means another 2 more times for my lecturer and 2 more for my teacher supervisor.

nowadays, the students are becoming better but today was just dumb. they didn't participate in any activity that i asked them to do. they're afraid of making a fool of themselves... i wanted to say, fxck you people. you are already a fool. but of course i kept quiet. haha, wouldn't want to piss them off. they might fail my next observation.

there's no class on sunday and most probably monday but tomorrow's a working saturday which means bitchy or not, i have to go. god damn it.

anyway, i borrowed the lcd projector back. i can watch a movie on my celing now. imagine sleeping and watching a movie on the sky.... (ceiling maybe). wouldn't that be cool! i gotta get myself a projector when i grow older.

anyway, life's still a bitch and my life is as bitchy as life can be now, so... you people can fxck off. I'm tired, mainly cause i slept at 3 yesterday preparing lessons for today, i'm also cranky, dejected, uninspired, lazy, full and sleepy. damn!
April 29, 2005


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