.the supervision.

alright, my supervisor has observed me once. well she said that it was ok! OK! wtf? are you crazy, i kicked my butt to go in there and teach those dumb idiots. i mean, they might as well go to hell for all i care. i did this just to pass my fxcking exams. fxck them all. anyway, the class was ok but my lesson plan sucks. it's always about the stupid lesson plan ain't it? what's with a stupid book? anyway, my classes today are ok but tiring. i plan to spend my day sleeping. tonight i have a tuition class somemore. sucks being me and sucks being poor. damn it. fxck the whole world and their stupid money system. if everything were free, all hell breaks loose. if everything were not free. all hell will still break loose ... but just slower i guess. damn it, i need more money. time to call mom! :'( well, maybe next time i will learn how to save some sh*t for crying out loud!
April 18, 2005


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