.the supervision II.

well, tomorrow is a monday. duh. i have a stupid supervision by my teacher supervisor. she says she's gonna come in to observe me today. finally, i can see how she will comment on my teaching. i am not scared anymore to tell ya all the truth. in fact the only feeling i have is relief. relief that another time is another time less. which means 'get it over you fxcking idiots' .

time doesn't always pass by so fast when you want it to. however, when you don't want it to like saturdays or sundays... it just flies by. god damn it. why does the god make time so subjective.

the truth of the fact is... i haven't finished my ABM for tomorrow. do ya all even know what ABM is? ok, for the non-teachers... ABM means alat bantu mengajar or teaching aids. it's supposed to be stupid things to help those stupid idot students understand wtf you are talking about. i mean, since they're too dumb to understand english... you need to fxcking show them pictures. like you can't explain apple? just show it to them. dumb right?

in the olden days, people just used chalk and talk and that worked out fine for us right? i mean what i would give or kill to get back to the old chalk and talk style now!

i wouldn't really mind doing all those abm's if only we don't need to write those idot lesson plans. they're fucking getting on my nerves. those fxcking idiots. wonder if my lecturer supervisor will come tomorrow. i mean... let's get it over with you dumbfxcks.

i feel sleepy. and i just reformatted my pc. hope it goes speedy gonzales now!
April 24, 2005


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