.lucky stars.

well, today is nice but something just has to fxck me up. i had 5 classes of fxcking relief classes. 4th,5th,7th,8th and 9th... screw them! those mofos keep giving me all the fucking trouble for nothing! i mean have i sinned sooooo much to deserve this? NO! this is just bullshit. everyday is a fxcked up day.

well, today was better cause we didn't kena scold. however, the newcomer did. haha! but he's okay. but i think he's the new target. cause he looks more badass than me! some parts of his hair are still brown when he reported in. :)

anyway, my relief clashed with my english class, so the original recipe... i mean... teacher needed to took over the class back. thus i was left with all the relief classes. first, there was 1D. This was basically one of the most badass class in Form 1. Then there was 4K2. This was the SECOND most bitchiest class in Form 4. As if that was a fxcking relief. sigh!

however. the school ended at 1.30 which was a fxcking relief. i need to go to sleep now. asta la vista. ttyl about my rest of the day... too tired...zz..ZZ...zz....ZZ..zz...
April 13, 2005


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