.the end of days.

today is the end of days. i mean week. i went to school, teaching was ok but samuel didn't come... AGAIN! haha, must've been his third time now. shit man, he's good at these. wish i would do that. that should teach the teachers a lesson. muahahaha *evil laugh*

anyway, i'm not going to the scrabble competition tomorrow cause UTM sent this letter to the school which says that we must attend a meeting tomorrow somewhere in our fakulti. forgot exactly where. haha

class was good except for the fxcking 4K1. only 23 out of 37 students came but the class was still uncontrollable. basically it's cause they don't understand a word i'm saying. everytime i ask them, do you understand, they will say yes. and then i asks them what do you understand or what did i say and they'll go numb. haha. damn crazy idiots.

however, today's class with 4sc was good. they were responsive and they at lest can know wtf i'm talking about. talk about tough kids.

a lot of my students are hawkers sons or daughters so, when i go out to eat, hopefully got discount lar.hehe.

today, i'm gonna cook for my wife. nasi tomato and ayam sambal. plus i bought flowers. :)

hope she's gonna like it and hope her days will be better. no special occasion, just feel like doing it.

need to go and cook now. bye bye.
April 22, 2005


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