.brand new day with a fxcked up life.

today was devastating. first of all, i didn't want to go to class... i'm sure a lot of you feel the same but i just was sooooo freaking lazy that my spirits just died. anyway, i came to school to a beautiful morning. slept for a while in the room before this freaking idiot came in and gave me 2 periods of relieve classes. wtf? can't you see i'm sleeping mofo? well, stfu!

anyway, my practical mate's lecturer came today and i was like wtf for? today's ujian piawai you freaking idiot. but it seems that my accident prone mate who hasn't been reporting for two days didn't tell his lecturer. so fxcking dumb right?

so.. i was cruising along in the teacher's room taking my own sweet time doing my stuffs and then this guy suddenly comes in and tells me to go into the office. i was shocked. it seems that someone told the idiot lecturer that i need to cut my hair... wtf? my hair is fxckin spiky! get a grip.... well, fxck them. okay.. i said i was gonna cut it yesterday after they told me but WE HAD A FXCKING MEETING UNTIL 4 FXCKING PM! so i didn't get to do it. so... i'm gonna cut it today. heck.. i just came back from cutting it. looks butt ugly but better than going into the office and getting a shock!
after that, the headmaster asked all 4 of us practical trainees into her room at 1. i have a class so i gave it back to my teacher advisor. thank god she was kind and nice.. not like that hideous bxtch headmaster. anyway, we were fxcking scolded again. why? cause we didn't report to her.


the first time we came to report, she was not in and we met the pk hem. he didn't tell us anything about meeting the headmaster, in fact he buat pandai pandai go and give us the timetable and everything and we terus blah lar! fxcking idiot!

we need to meet the headmaster you fxcking PK! it's because of people like you that we have a bad name!

anyway, the school has the lowest passing percentage for SPM in the whole of Johor Bahru and it sucks right? definitely!

i just finished meeting pn zanariah and i complained like hell about the administration and the students there. dumbfxck idiot students.

well... all in a day's work. :'(
April 12, 2005


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