.almost time.

ok, basically, here's a new update. don't kill me for blogging! i just finished my tuition class and i have no where to go so i updated my blog a bit (duh!) and i want to go and sleep. anything wrong with that? no?

dumb fxcks. of course there are!
i haven't had any time to prepare for tomorrows' classes! talk about bad time management. this is like fxcked up. how could they do this to me! i have no time to enjoy and rest. at first it was class until 4 now, this? i ate at 4.30 and it lasted for an hour. then i came back and bathe, prepared some lessons for my tuition class, went there at 8 and came back at 10! now... it's 12! i just bathed. shit happens right? but don't let it happen all over the place!

come on now, dudes. give the guy a freaking break!

well, thank god... tomorrow's a test day for my school so... no class whatsoever for me! YAY!
but i still may have to relieve classes. well, the good news is tomorrow i only have 2 periods. which means more time to procrastinate at the teacher's room with the almighty aircond. i wonder how those primitives lived without airconds.... it's so fxcking hot outside. i feel dizzy just stepping outside the room (well, maybe i'm exaggerating but who knows right? shh... don't tell!)

okok... i gtg and sleep now. talk to the blog later!
April 12, 2005


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